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 So this is a little over a month late...

Fuck it, who can't appreciate this drunk bitch anytime of the year??

I wonder if she is like that Oscar character..got sick and never came back..

I hope she is still alive and whoring it up :( :( :(


i will go first, okay, cool thanks.

My favorite is when the New York Times called her a whore.

Thanks to the much awful Jenn (_shiftone) for making this picture a long long time ago...
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DEGRASSI IS STARTING AGAIN! Although I can't watch it, I'll be readin recaps and looking at stills and pictures from it.

Paige is okay, Ellie is annoying, Marco is annoying, Peter and Darcy suck...but I'm excited for Manny/Jay. I really want them to be a long lasting couple. They're hot together.

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If anyone is still here...

We should totally send a bunch of condoms to our friends at Degrassi for a letter campaign entitled "BRING AMY BACK!"

It would make sense, but I don't think Amy uses condoms.

anyone alive in hereeee?

hey everyone in amyland! just wanted to see if anyone was still alive here.

well, i dunno about you guys, but i'm still a HUGE amy fanatic! i have dedication to my amy, i tell ya. but anyway, i have this crazyyy idea and was wondering if anyone was actually alive here if you guys wanted to be in on it...i'm going to promote a little bit cause i consider this community the little alcoholic that could...or, um, something? yea. anyway. let me know if you'd like to hear my idea...if anyone is even reading this.
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So I was watching RFR earlier, and it was the episode "The Imposter". Towards the end there's this dance, and they kept showing this one girl in the crowd, and I swear, it HAD to have been Bailey. I taped it, so I'm gonna look at it on our *good* tv tomorrow, 'cause the one I'm watching tv on right now is crap and not as clear. But yeah, pretty sure it was her. I was like "OMG! It's Amy!" ^_^

Kinda pointless, but just had to mention it =]