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We heart Amy too, Shelley! <3

This is an amazing day in Amy Fans United history (well tomorrow, technically). Amy is such a whore that she even gets mentioned in the New York Times tomorrow! YESSS!

(about a writer on the show Shelley Scarrow):
She thinks of Ashley as her superego, and Ashley's romantic nemesis, Manny, as her id, but her face positively lights up when she talks about a minor character, "supertrashy" Amy, who recurs on the show only when there's a need to show extremes of drunkenness and promiscuity that the leading ladies of "Degrassi" won't stoop to. "I heart Amy," Scarrow gushed.

...It's not hard to imagine the discussion in standards offices around the world about whether to show episodes like "Secret," in which teenage girls (including, ofcourse, Amy) "earn" brightly colored bracelets for "hooking up" with random guys from school..

hahahaha. i love that so much. "including, OFCOURSE, amy"!

bailey would be so proud.

the article is from super_obsessed's really really awesome website
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I'm proud to share a name with our resident alcoholic.
why couldn't she be named jess? :(
That would rock if Bailey saw that.

Anyway, I wonder what Bailey's doing now and what the writers have in store for our wonderful Amy.
And is it wrong that when I saw the title I thought of "Shelly" from the early draft of Degrassi: the Musical?

Just wondering.
Radishes, Radishes, not so sweet...
red and round and gross to eat
"I heart Amy."

Oh how that made my day. I love when people "heart" things. Plus is was Amy. Oh yay.
Hahahahaahaha. NYTimes called her a whore.
even the fucking NY times agrees! it's amazing
dude your icon rocks!!! i have one of joan and abe but i've never seen anyone else w/a clone high icon. so you rock my sox now!!! lol
lmao I want her to become the next Paris Hilton, that'd be awesome
this is a proud day for us, love the article.



March 7 2008, 22:03:20 UTC 12 years ago

Amhy is a real person named Bailey Corneal. She as Amy should have been on more because how could a well known show as Degrasse not show a progression of a person from
a drunk and easy girl to a reformed person. After all the big D is about teens and how to handle life situations. They just left Amy out in left field. Is that how they recommend society treat the teens like Amy.