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ello kids...i'm making this post because i'm adding music to the community so it will play when you open the site....ofcourse i'm looking for the perfect amy song so when you enter the community it just screams AMY THE ARMLESS ALCOHLIC! (but not literally cause that'd be creepy..)

so yea..do you guys have any suggestions? i'm thinking a trashy hip hop song about drinking/sex or something? haha i dunno...i figure if we think of a few songs we could do a poll and vote on it...there has to be a song out that that perfectly describes amy haha.

i thought of "tipsy" by j-kwon cause at the beginning it says something about teen drinking and i don't know if anything else could describe amy more perfectly unless j-kwon said "armless alcoholic" in a verse or something, but the file is too big and wouldn't work...so help me guys!

a bloodhound gang song possibly? hahaha. they probably have an amy-like song.

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'Tis the season...so that means Amy the Drunk would be sending everyone a couple of special presents this year.
1. Empty beer bottles, so that you can recycle them and give her the money for more beer.
2. Bracletts....every player gets prize right?
3. And with every playe's prize its includes a special package....GONORRHEA!!

So Amy's spreading the christmas cheer. Hey its better than a lump of coal right?

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well kids, amy fans united has had a complete makeover. you guys should go to the community and check out the frekin awesome new header we have that's filled with 3 fantastically awkward pictures of amy herself. the comments have also been changed (thanks to falseh0pe for suggesting the avril lavigne thing).

so get your asses over to the community and tell me what you think of the layout...i'm aware that it's a little frightening, but yea, this community is called "amy the drunk" for a reason.

also just as a reminder, remember to put anything that includes a spoiler behind an lj-cut. some random things from secret can be discussed like quotes and crap like that, but if it's something semi-substantial please put it behind a cut.

andddd that's it. holla.

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I love drunk Bitches!!

Amy teaches me that you can be passed out, and no one will try to help you.

Unless you cut yourself.

Amy also teaches me that sucking dick is something not only the gays do, the braclett impaired. I wanna grow up and be like Amy Shitface

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hey, fellow amy fans. i'm in the midst of finding the most awkward picture of amy possible (which shouldn't be too hard) and making it the community's header..i also added a link to a freaky picture of angela jeremiah to the info page the other day.

also if any of you guys wanna put this ugly ass button in your info page i would be grateful haha:

title or description

just upload it to your own server and put that in your user info to spread the armless alcoholic love <3333 wheee

oh and that crazy amy has stopped possessing my computer finally.

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i think you all should be happy to know that the evil entity known as AMY has fucking possessed my computer.  i seriously think this is some form of revenge because i made this community.  amy has possessed my cheeeseinacan username.  i am completely serious.  when i log out, amy goes away, but when i'm logged in she's there.  it's fuckin scary.  i'm gonna send this shit to unsolved mysteries!!

look at this:

cut pictures for sizeCollapse )