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Amy: The Life and Times of an Armless Alcoholic

..just tryin' to make it in this world.

Amy Fans United
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Welcome to Amy Fans United, where we spread the armless alcoholic love! Just be sure to read the rules or we'll sick Angela Jeremiah on you.

This is a community dedicated to the character of Amy from Degrassi: The Next Generation. This community came about when one day I stumbled upon the question: "I wonder if Amy from Degrassi actually has any fans?"

I of course came to the realization that I am actually Amy's #1 fan. Degrassi would not be the same without this character or without this scene from Episode 321, "Our House":

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I know this may seem like a joke, but I take the character of Amy very seriously (...just as serious as she takes those bracelets), so I figured I needed to make a place for us Amy fans to come together and spread the (supporting, minimal) character love!


1. Every player gets a prize.
2. Keep all posts related to Amy. Comon, there's so much to say about her....... *cough*
3. If your post includes any spoilers or if you're posting a huge ass graphic, use an lj-cut.
4. Advertising is allowed, but only if it's related to Degrassi.
5. Don't be a jackass or I'll ban you.
6. Amy owns your life.

Amy is drunken bracelet-fiend love

link us, because a picture of amy passed out is all your user info is missing:
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